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Coolant Recovery Recycling Systems

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Prochem currently supplies engine coolant and dispensing and recovery packages to a number of customers in the Bowen Basin, and are now in a position to extend this process to include recycling waste coolant into a reusable raw material that will be suitable in a number of every day products used in the workplace.

If you're chasing a biodegradable, performance-based, safe coolant recovery package, then look no further than Prochem Agencies' new subsidiary business. Coolant Recovery Recycling Systems (CRRS), which falls under the Prochem Agencies umbrella, is the first official company of its kind in the region. Located on Boundary Road, Paget, Prochem has 15 years experience supplying coolant packages in Australia.

Owner/operator John Colvin said during this time, he had developed an understanding of the required technology, handling skills, patterns of use and disposal issues associated with these products "I felt it was time Central Queensland had an affordable and efficient coolant recycling program available on the market for all generators of waste coolant and in particular larger mining companies located remotely; so instead of waiting for one to be developed we engineered a sustainable process over four to five years," he said. Mr Colvin said coolant disposal was often a time-consuming, environmentally risky and increasingly very costly chore for business owners as all spent coolant needed to be transported to a major city for disposal.

"Our staff are trained to dot every 'I' and cross every 'T' to ensure each step of the recycling system is done safely and to the highest standards," he said. "All coolant identified for recovery is checked for composition and application by our experienced staff on site; they will also identify and record a list of potential contaminants."

Coolant is recovered and processed through CRRS's primary filtration system to remove bulk solids such as damaged seals, metal fragments and other foreign materials prior to being removed from the site. Any solids recovered are added to existing site waste management systems, and filtered coolant is delivered by a bulk tanker to the company's production facility for inspection and treatment prior to reuse.

"Full record keeping ensures every batch can be traced through from raw material sources to finished use; no contamination is possible and all unusable wastes are disposed of in compliance with current standards," Mr Colvin said. "Strict quality-control processes are in place to segregate the more toxic ethylene glycol-based fluids from propylene glycol products to ensure the minimum biodegradability standards of all finished (recycled) products are maintained and that they are safe to use." Mr Colvin said all of the products used and sold by his companies were high performance, safe and biodegradable.

"Through ongoing product development we strive to continually find ways to minimise the environmental impact of all our products whilst retaining top quality," he said. Australian owned and operated, Prochem Agencies is a professional organisation dedicated to serving the needs of the resource sector (oil, gas, minerals processing, iron/steel), industrial distribution centres and government and environmental regulators. This parent company also specialises in site-specific environmental services such as water treatment, collection and recycling processes, spill response equipment, training and preventative maintenance services as well as bio-remediation.